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Geometric house

A little geometric house in a little geometric world with a little geometric sun and clouds. And a tulip, of course. Could you imagine it without a tulip? Never.

Houses and dark sun pencil drawing

Some houses and a dark sun. Drawn by my kids and colored by me some time ago. 

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New artworks at Society6 and Redbubble - part 2

Here are some of my latest artworks which I added to Redbubble and Society6.

Evil bug with a love potion Bugs from the Evil Flower Bug family are chemists, too. An their potions have some unknown undesirable effects but... well, why not. Check out more about the Evil Flower Bug.
See it at Redbubble / Society6

Psychedelic eye This is one psyched up blue eye. I love these colors lately, especially the green. I love bizarre things, too, so here it is.
See it a Redbubble / Society6

Family of happy hearts They are cute and they love each other a lot, of course. Just one more tiny heart and this illustration would represent my family as it is now. Anyway, this family has four members.
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Waiting for spring And what better way to do this thank painting your hair green, eh? Ponytails make her look a bit like a butterfly on the blue flowers, heh.
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Impossible love The sea monster and the jellyfish are so cute together yet their l…