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Media items for my Zazzle store

Along with the other major changes recently, Zazzle has added the new "media" option - stores can upload their own media items - images and videos. They have added a percentage counter and I'm glad they have. If it wasn't the 95% I was looking daily at, I would never have bothered to upload media alone. I wanted to get to 100%, though. I am not skilled at creating videos. In fact, I have never made one. But I sure can create images, can't I? So I rolled my sleeves up and here are some of the results:

Thanks for looking! See more images at my Zazzle store.

Flower made of tired eyes drawing

Here is a pencil drawing I made last Saturday. It's a flower made of green eyes. Tired eyes. My eyes, I suppose. Heh. Made it with Ikea felt-tip pens and my favorite colored pencils - purple, green and blue. Mixed media, as they call it. Good thing my smallest daughter still can't open felt-tip pens. :)

Some Amazing Illustrations (8)

Here are some of the greatest new illustrations I found recently and pinned to my Illustration Pinterest board.

Hope you like them as much as I do! More from my illustration board:

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