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My Wall Clocks At Society6

It's cool to have a custom fun clock as part of the home decor. Here are some of the clocks with my cartoon creatures at Society6. :)

Thanks for looking and 'till next time!

Ghoul Squad Comic

The interview of Brandon Rhiness with me has just been published. You can read it in his new comic Ghoul Squad. He and his team have just released the first issue and its black and white version is available as a free download!

I just read it and I loved it! I liked the humorous tone of the comic, it’s so fun. The Grinderstein character is my favourite and his name is so cool, too. The comic is captivating right from the start and the art is fantastic. It’s created by Adam Storoschuk and Brandon Rhiness.

See my interview at The Higher Universe.
Get Ghoul Squad #1 here.

Blue Sky Funny Cartoon Clouds

This is a funny illustration of a sleeping cute cartoon cloud and its friend watching it, floating in a clear blue sky. Click on the image to see the clouds art print at Society6.

You can get this image as desktop and iPhone wallpapers:

See some fun stuff with this cute cartoon clouds illustration from my Society 6 store:

You can see many more products with this funny clouds illustration at my Zazzle storeand also at my CafePress store, too.

Have a fun day and thanks for looking!

My T-Shirts are featured in this cool blog

+Ray Harris has featured T-Shirts by me and +BATKEI at his blog! It's an awesome presentation. Thank you very much Ray!
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