Thursday, 25 October 2012

Funny Cartoon Dinosaur Playing Soccer

Here are two cute and colorful birthday cards a funny dinosaur which loves playing soccer. It prepares to kick the ball and is very excited - you can tell by its fire breath.

You can download wallpapers with this funny soccer illustration. Desktop wallpapers: black and blue version. IPhone wallpapers: black and blue version. You can also buy some stuff with this dinosaur from my online store:

See all products with this funny soccer illustration.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Cute Smiling Funny Bugs Yellow And Purple Patterns

My first patterns! One of them features funny blue bugs with sharp teeth on yellow background. In the other pattern the bugs are pink and orange and the background is purple, it is a warmer and more feminine one.

Purple pattern with funny smiling orange and pink bugs with sharp teeth

Yellow pattern with funny smiling blue bugs with sharp teeth

You can use the bugs illustrations as desktop wallpapers - download the yellow pattern wallpaper and the purple pattern wallpaper. You can buy iPhone cases, Samsung Galaxy S3 cases, iPad sleeves and more with these cute bugs from my online store:

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