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Evil Tattooed Cartoon Teddy Bear

This blue evil cartoon teddy bear has a manly anchor tattoo. With an evil smile on its face it holds a bomb in its hand, looking at YOU.

You can download a desktop and an iPhone wallpaper with the evil teddy bear. You can also buy some products with these funny tattooed beast from my online store:

Tattooed Cartoon Evil Teddy Bear Dark Tshirt by borianag
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Tattooed Cartoon Evil Teddy Bear iPhone 5 Cover by borianag
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Tattooed Cartoon Evil Teddy Bear iPad Sleeves by borianag
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Tattooed Cartoon Evil Teddy Bear Laptop Sleeve by borianag
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Tattooed Cartoon Evil Teddy Bear Keychains by borianag
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Tattooed Cartoon Evil Teddy Bear Mousepads by borianag
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Evil Monsters Custom IPhone Cases

I've made this blog post to gather all the iPhone cases with my funny evil monsters. First, the Evil Flower Bug. It is a cute evil creature who always leaves a flower on the crime scene. It's evil, but it's also kind of cute. And it loves flowers... loves eating them, in fact. The Evil Flower Bug is a grinning cartoon creature with sharp teeth who holds a big flower.

Evil Flower Bug Vintage Iphone 4 Cover