Glenn Gould and Yehudi Menuhin anthologies music cover design

Audio covers for two anthologies, each of which consists of ten parts. The first is the anthology of Glenn Gould - one of the best-known pianists of the 20th century. The second one is the anthologie of Yehudi Menuhin - a Russian Jewish American violinist and conductor.

Anthologie Glenn Gould audio cover

Anthologie Yehudi Menuhin audio cover

I read about both musicians and listened to them and I particularly liked Glenn Gould - it was very interesting reading about him (a great article at Wikipedia). He had a very interesting personality - he was quite an eccentric. Also, he did not play all famous composers, he was very critical of them, while particularly liking many not so well-known ones. He also was famous for his improvisations.
Overall it was a wonderful read (and listening to the online radio at we7) and I'm glad I had the opportunity to learn about Glenn Gould.