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Dinosaur and Christmas tree

A funny dinosaur is looking at the Christmas tree. It wonders why there's a heart on top of it instead of a star. Why, really? Because love is everywhere. Enough chit-chat, here is the bedazzled creature:

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Crazy yellow creature

I've created a set of items with this crazy yellow creature. It's not cute, it's not lovely, but I just can get it out of my head. First of all, there is the Christmas party invitation:

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Smiling Christmas star amongst pine trees

A happy star shines amongst the trees... It's the star from this confused dinosaur's Christmas tree.

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Cute and Funny Giraffe Roller Skating

Cute and funny giraffe nibbling on a flower while roller skating. It's a crazy cartoon one.

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You can download a 1920x1200 desktop wallpaper and an iPhone wallpaper with the giraffe:

Birthday cards with the funny cartoon giraffe:

Purple Giraffe Birthday Customizable Card
Funny Giraffe Birthday Cards
You can buy a print of this image or see other cute products with the crazy giraffe from my store:

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Funny Giraffe Roll…

Christmas Dazzled Bug

Here is the Dazzled Bug with its Christmas hat. It puts the hat on on December, the 1st and wears it the whole month through.

Pin ItYou can also see the Evil Christmas Bugs, they're Dazzled Bug's evil cousins, but they love to celebrate Christmas, too.

Evil snake in love

They are monsters and they are in love.
Evil snake resembling creature with heart-shaped eyes amongst its kin.

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The full image is below. It's a 1920x1200 resolution so you can use it as a wallpaper. Just click on the image and save it.

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You can download a snake iPhone wallpaper:

You can buy prints of the snakes here. Or you can have them on an iPhone case and a T-shirt.

Self bound

Illustration of a woman bound by her own dark thoughts.

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The whole image:

Music cover design for Christmas karaoke songs

Music cover design for Christmas karaoke songs. As the compilation is intended for digital sales (images are initially seen in small sizes), the client chose the version with close-up on the snowman's face.

The close-up:

And the whole snowman:

Christmas carols music cover

Music cover for French Christmas carols with a snowflake made of little pine branches arranged in a snowflake shape.

Lemon eats lemon

Here's a funny illustration of a crazy lemon with shark teeth which eats its fellow lemon while flying through space. The mysteries of life... This image was originally created as an art project on the topic "Absurdity".

Desktop wallpaper with the lemon:

You can also use the space flying lemons as an iPhone wallpaper:

You can buy this crazy lemon art print and some fun lemon gifts from my Society6 store:

Thanks for looking! See you later :)

Evil Christmas bugs

The Evil Christmas bugs are grinning cartoon characters who love Christmas and like to do their evil deeds every year around Christmas time. The first evil bug is dancing and singing to the tunes of a Christmas song.

The second one is unpacking a present.

And the third one, even in its evilness, is being so kind as to give a Christmas gift to someone. What a cutie! It even wears earflaps to protect its little ears from the cold winter weather.

You can download a desktop and an iPhone wallpaper with the dancing bug. You can also buy Christmas gifts with these bugs from my online shop:

Evil Bug Gives Christmas Present Greeting Card by borianag
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Evil Christmas Bug With Present Christmas Tree Ornaments by borianag
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Singing Dancing Evil Christmas Bug Greeting Cards by borianag
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Evil Christmas Bug With Present Cards by borianag
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